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Korum River Hair Rigs | Barbed

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Korum River Hair Rigs | Size 8 Hook to 15lb Mono
Korum River Hair Rigs | Size 10 Hook to 12lb Mono
Korum River Hair Rigs | Size 12 Hook to 10lb Mono
  • SIZE 8 / 0.33MM / 15lb-6.8kg
  • SIZE 10 / 0.30MM / 12lb-5.4kg
  • SIZE 12 / 0.28MM / 10lb-4.5kg
  • 1m Long, Strong, Abrasion Resistant Mono
  • Japanese Supersteel Barbed Hook
  • 6 Per Pack
These 1m long hair rigs are perfect for modern river feeder tactics offering expertly tied hooklengths on an innovative water-resistant spool. Featuring Japanese Supersteel Wide Gape hooks and strong, abrasion resistant mono for maximum power. Includes silicone tubing on the shank to adjust hair length.
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